Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cruise pics 2

Terri, Ginny, Andrew and I

The whole Worldview Academy crew on the ship

On daddy's shoulders...there is no better place!

There may be more dinner on his face than in his stomach!

Nap time on deck

This is the closest Andrew gets to crawling, he gets on his knees and just lays there!

Andrew started eating cheerios, it was really the only way we got through our formal dinners!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mexico Cruise

We just got back from a 4 night cruise to Cozumel Mexico with the Worldview Academy faculty. It was great to fellowship with wonderful people and it was nice to do something that we had never done before. Will we go on another one... probably not, but it was a fun experience. Andrew came with us and we think he had fun soaking in the sun, wind and being held by different people. Every crew member that we came in contact with said hello to Andrew and tried to make him smile.

All the Worldview Academy faculty

Mike and I at the formal dinner
Ginny Cook and I posing after loosing in the Putt-putt golf tournament.

Sarah and I posing in front of our ship on Mexican soil (cement)
Mike and Andrew explored Mexico for a short time and then returned to the ship to hang out.

Mike and sleeping Andrew playing putt-putt golf

More pics to come!!!!