Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House update

Okay, okay... I have been harassed enough to finally post some pics on the house. We just really have not had a spare moment, nor have we had internet until now so here you go!

We had one week to make the house livable, we didn't quite make the deadline so we are still living in some construction. My dad came down on Sunday to help and so far we have really used him! I will put up some after pictures but there are too many boxes/messes to do that. But they will come!

Stage one: cleaning! The house had been vacant for two years so the layers of dust and dirt and gross stuff we didn't even want to try to figure out what it was covered every surface of the house. We closed and signed papers on Thursday and we started cleaning on Friday. Myself, Sarah and Cara cleaned while Mike started prepping for paint and worked on the door locks.
Look at that dust!



Main room before pic

Master Bathroom before picture; shower wall and floor. It was a mess!

Master bath demo. They took this bathroom to the beams and then jackhammered into the foundation to get to some plumbing issues. The blessing is that they did not have to make a bigger hole to fix what we believed to be a larger problem with the plumbing. Praise God!

Our ugly bright yellow kitchen (Don't worry, we painted!)

Mike and Josh moving our whole apartment (Thank you Josh!!!) They moved out all our belongings to the Worldview trailer and then we crashed at a friend's house for two days while our bathrooms were out of order. We moved in on Sunday, still without a working shower but one of them got done today (Tuesday)

Painting the dining area