Monday, February 21, 2011

Life at home

Life at home has been busy, but enjoyable. Madison has started laughing which seems like a small thing but it is so awesome to see her developing and learning new things.

The kids are watching the movie Cars, Drew's favorite movie.

Also, watching Cars... (We have seen it a lot recently!)
After the Super Bowl's half time Drew started singing and dancing. This is a clip of his singing "ya, ya, ya" and offering me and his dog to sing as well. The last video is of Drew whining to see one of his favorite people, Josh. He is quite persistent, asking for him throughout the day, every day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow, Sickness and Super Bowl

We have had a rough few days as Drew battled the flu and a high fever. The high fever caused two seizures on Thursday. It was certainly scary but not as bad as the first time he had a seizure in June because they didnt last as long and we also were more informed on what to do and the potential risks. The good thing is that his fever broke that following night and even though he was really weak, he started showing personality again on Friday. It is always hard to see your little one not themselves and its a sense of relief when they become themselves again! The other hard part was that we sequestered Madison in our room to try and give her the best chance of not getting sick. So far she is just fine! Mike and I took turns with Drew and Madison in the different rooms, after 48 hrs of no fever we let them reunite, Drew was very happy to see his sister again!

So Midland got cold, I mean COLD! It will usually snow one or two times a year but it would melt by noon. But it was below freezing for a few days and it felt below zero with the wind chill! Drew liked the snow but didn't like it when the cold wind blew so we only stayed out a little bit.

Sweet Madison

This is Drew's dance during half time at the Super Bowl. The funny thing is that he never really danced before so I'm not sure where he picked it up but it's super cute!