Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sad news

Well, we thought because we made our pregnancy public we should give you all the update on our pregnancy. We unfortunately lost the baby last week via miscarriage. We are very sad about our loss and recovering both physically and emotionally. We know that God has us in His hands and that we are in His ultimate will so we are trying to not dwell on what we lost.

Andrew is more precious to us and we are living each day with new reverence as we all never know when our last day will be. We are thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and who we can turn to when we remember our loss. For those of you who did not know, we were not trying to have another baby so soon nor were we really confident that we wanted another one. We really fell in love with the thought of Andrew having a sibling so close in age and we hope to have another one in the near future. We want first and foremost to be content in God's will and the life that we have right now and not just look longingly into the future. We have so much to be grateful for!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing around

This week has been fun with Andrew, he is interacting more and giggling more. We make fools of ourselves just to get a little laugh! Andrew started eating baby food in addition to his rice cereal. The first two day of trying peas he was VERY against it! He puckered his mouth and gaged on his small bite of foreign food. We were going to give up on peas but thought, we will try it one more time... he ate it like he never had a problem with it before in his life! What a weird child! He now seems to enjoy his peas and I am excited to try something else in a couple of days. I plan on making all or most of his baby food with my new Magic Bullet. It really is easy and we are looking forward to all the money we will save!

When we were in Colorado we bought Andrew some warm accessories for when we go to Oregon in December and back to Colorado in January. When we got back to Midland I just had to try it all on him, he is just SO DARLING!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yup, another one is one the way....

We are excited and surprised to announce that we are expecting another child, due the end of June. Andrew and his sibling will be very close in age which will be great when they are older but may present a few more challenges when they are younger. We ask for your prayers as we adjust to this new reality and as I get in the mindset of being pregnant again... not really ready for that. I am going to continue to nurse Andrew as long as I can and I plan on continuing my exercise routine which should help in the recovery after delivery. I wish I did this with Andrew!

Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip to Colorado

Mike, Andrew, myself and a friend (Josh) set out to drive to Winter Park, Colorado to visit some friends and do a sight visit for Worldview Academy. We got caught in a snow storm on the way there and had to stop in Trinidad, CO. It was a really good place to stop, the hotel was nice and there was a Wendys next door and a Walmart across the street. We did get stuck getting into the hotel parking lot though, but there was a really nice guy who had a tow rope drug us out. We stayed there two nights and made it to our destination on Friday. We were all safe and had a really good time in Winterpark with our friends the Warrens. It was beautiful!!! Monday morning we drove down the mountain to Castle Rock, CO (near Denver) to visit a Worldview faculty family, the Jacks. It was very relaxing and a good rest before our 12 hour drive the next day.

Andrew and Angela at the hotel in Trinidad

Bundled up for the walk to Wendys beside the hotel (it was cold!)

Winter Park: Andrew is tasting snow for the first time, he really liked it!

Mike with Truet Warren and Andrew

Truet and Andrew played well together. Andrew basically just stared at Truet the whole time!

Andrew all bundled up
Back at home: Andrew sitting up... for a few seconds

Andrew is getting batter at tummy time, he can get his knees under him but then he doesn't know what to do after that.
Andrew using teddy as a pillow

Friends Josh and Kristen feeding Andrew

Andrew trying to reach his pacifier on tummy time, he just can't reach it yet!