Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Andrew's first birthday and WALKING

So today Andrew is 1 year old. It seems like this past year was both long and short, how can that even be?!?! Our lives as a family has changed so much and Mike and I have learned so much more about life through Andrew's life. The exciting thing that happened today was that Andrew also took his first few steps. He was really loving our game of walking to mom and then to dad. Im sure with practice he will eventually be running all over the place!

I want to say a special thank you to our friends and family who have walked with us in this special year with our family. As we are expecting another little bundle of joy, who we just found out should be a girl, we are not anticipating any slowing down in our lives.

We went to the beach in Oregon, Andrew loved the sand and didn't put it in his mouth at all, what a blessing for us!

Mike and Andrew playing their favorite game

Andrew eating his birthday cake, what a mess!

Mike with his brothers and Andrew

Andrew's first steps!!!