Thursday, September 23, 2010

God's energy for the teething situation!

These past two weeks have been more trying than usual as Andrew continues to cut his two upper molars, starts to cut through his two bottom molars and also his two teeth on the bottom on either side of his front teeth. There have been times where I almost lose it. I know that he is acting up or not eating well because he is hurting, but it can get trying! We have had some enjoyable time as the weather is cooling down into the 80's (It still gets into the 90's at the heat of the day), so we have spent more time outside which is a good distraction!

Baby girl Tiland (Madison) is growing and making mommy more and more uncomfortable. I go in for another appointment next Wednesday and I am hoping to get a better idea idea of when she will be coming. I have a diaper shower this Saturday which I am really excited for because diapers are expensive and it will be such a blessing to be given those! Also, after the shower we will know exactly what we will still need to buy and we can get the final things ready for Madison before she comes.

Whenever we come home Andrew knocks on the door or window before we get in, I don't really know why or where he got it because we don't knock on our window!

I just love these two!!!!!

Drew loves to play and mimic daddy, just hear the sound affects Daddy is teaching him! The next video Andrew was playing outside our apartment and he was just talking up a storm. I didn't catch his constant chatter, but I got a little bit of it!