Thursday, August 4, 2011

Disney Land and a drive from Washington to Texas

So on our way from Washington to Texas we stopped in California to go to Disney Land. There were 7 adults and two kids making the trek. After Disney Land we made up the lost time with a 14 and 12 hour driving days to get to Texas. Lets just say, we survived the road trip! But it was refreshing to have a day to play. The kids were still a young to go to Disney Land but they did have a good time and since we were with a group who helped us with the kids it really worked out well. For adult rides they had a special pass for parents with young kids so our friends stood in line and got two passes after they finished the ride and then Mike and I got to go in the fast pass line with those passes and ride together. Oh and the best part... our friends watched our kids while we rode, it was wonderful! It was also really fun to watch the kids explore all the things to see. Disney Land is more fun with kids!

The "baby sitters"!
Us going on a ride together, kid free ;)

This is the whole gang, Mike is taking the picture :)
(Autopia Ride) Watch out! Drew is driving!
Both kids passed out as we are in line for Peter Pan (I got the heavy one)
Drew with mommy on dumbo, he loved it!
Maddie with Daddy on Dumbo, she loved it too!

Drew exploring while waiting for a ride

The whole family