Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chicago Fun

Interesting fact, last Thursday in Minnesota there was a record of 36 tornadoes just in that one day, thankfully where we were in Minnesota there wasn't any!!! We left Minnesota on Friday at 1pm to make it into Chicago by about 9pm. We did that whole drive with just one, 30 min stop. That has to be a Worldview record! That is 30 people including a baby and pregnant person (me)! The next day, on Saturday we all took a train into the city and ate Chicago style pizza and saw the sights. We all walked A LOT. Andrew was the only one when didnt come back with sore feet, he had the luxury of being pushed around the city. It was fun just to hang out with everyone for the weekend in a place many of our staff had never been to before.

There is a giant "bean" that is reflective in Chicago and a very fun place to take pictures. This is some of our staff and the city being reflected in the bean.

The leadership team at the bean

There was a huge wall with water flowing down it, it seemed to be a very popular spot for kids to run around and get wet. We just watched :)

Drew was so curious about everything around him, there was a lot to look at!

We went to the famous Giovanni's for Chicago style pizza. One piece was enough for me!

This was at the train station where Mike was giving instructions to all the staff to not get lost in Chicago.

This was a sign at the train station and we had to get a picture of it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we went to Cabela's, which is a large outdoor store with animal displays and pretty much anything having to do with outdoor adventures. It was fun to just walk around and see all the "animals". We also went to the Mall of America which is the largest mall in America and it even has a roller coaster park in the middle of the mall. It is always fun to go places that are special to particular areas in the USA.

Angela with the staff girls at Cabela's.

Whenever Andrew has our phone he puts it up to his ear and then he puts it up to our ear!

One of Andrew's favorite foods is mac and cheese, he also likes "feeding himself".

Can you see his teeth? He has 4 now, two on the top and two on the bottom, right in the middle.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

All is well

Thank the Lord our little boy has been without fever for 24 hrs!!! His fever broke on Thursday evening and still did not have a fever on Friday morning. We were on the road going from Missouri to Minnesota and at a rest stop we felt Andrew and he was hot. His fever came back at 104. We were in the middle of nowhere so we just stripped him and "bathed" him with Mike's clean socks soaked in cold water. By evening it was under control but still had a little fever so we kept him on Tylenol and Motrin through the night in into Saturday. Since Saturday he has been great! He is himself, eating well, drinking well, and playing well.

Even in such a bad situation so much good came from it. We gained wisdom and understanding about fevers and seizes, Andrew learned that he loves to snuggle and I have been loving the extra hugs and loves he has been giving us. Also, so many people were praying for our situation. We received so many phone calls and emails and had so much support, it was amazing to see how many people care for our family. I (Angela) also discovered a new understanding of how God loves me. As I was in the ambulance with Andrew I was thinking about how much I loved and cared for Andrew... how much more does our Lord and Savior love and care for us. It is too much for me to even comprehend but it overwhelmed me and I am so thankful for God's love and to be His child.

We are in Minnesota right now and everything looks great. We are in an awesome dorm and the campus is beautiful. I will get some more pics downloaded this week, we have Internet in our room!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camp update

We have had limited Internet here on campus in Missouri so I have not been able to update the most recent pics and news. We had a very eventful day yesterday so I wanted to update you all on that but also update you on our Worldview Adventure as we are at the end of week #2. First, about yesterday... Andrew started running a high fever on Tuesday evening and it continued into Wednesday. We took him into an urgent care center in the morning and they didn't really find anything that was wrong with him but gave him an antibiotic just in case there was an infection somewhere. We had since the night before been trying to get his fever down with Tylenol and liquids. At 3pm on Wednesday he had a 3-5 min seizure. It really came out of nowhere, we figure that his fever just spiked really fast and his body responded in that way. It really was the scariest thing to go through in my entire life. I called 911 and just carried him to the dorm lobby where 2 police men met me and Drew. He was shaking all over and his eyes were rolled back. After he was done he just laid there totally spent. If the police were not there checking his pulse I would have probably been freaking out even more at that point but they told me he was just fine. he then took his first ambulance ride (mine too) and we proceeded to the hospital who got him stable and began to do tests. All the tests were fine and did not result in finding the source of the fever or seizure. After two failed attempts to get spinal fluid from a spinal tap (I did not watch them do this) they recommended that he be transferred to the children's hospital 1hr away. We found out that it was the 2ND best children's hospital in the nation! So after ambulance ride number 2 we arrived there and we learned a lot about seizures. We are so thankful to have gotten the wisdom and information about them and it makes them less scary. It is not abnormal for kids 6months -6 years to get seizures from a sudden spike in temperature. We also found out that they do not cause any brain damage and are really not harmful to the child, just scary. So, all in all. Drew is fine, we are still fighting the fever and he is still fighting whatever virus he has. besides the high fever (still) he really is doing well, he is finally sleeping well, eating and drinking some and is showing his personality when he has awake time. We are just so thankful for the support that we received through this episode and are to thankful for God's providence and protection.

Okay, although what has been happening has taken up a lot of attention, we really have been having a great time on the road. We were in Oklahoma last week for staff training and it was really a blast to spend time with the staff and drew loved practicing his walking and getting all kinds of attention. over the weekend we went to a baseball game in Kansas City, Kansas. Although it was hat, I mean very hot, we all had fun. It is really nice to go places with the staff because they like to take Drew and give him attention which frees us to spend time with the staff and each other.

These are pics of the game and of our happy boy.

We got some family pics done just a month or so ago in Oregon with my side of the family (Lane) and we got them in last week and I wanted to post some, they are so cute...