Saturday, January 29, 2011


It been a long time since I have updated you all on our lives so here are some pics and stories from what we have been up to.

Andrew loves to smile when he sees the camera, there is not a recent picture where he isnt making this silly face!

Madison is just growing so much. She smiles a lot and it more interactive. She has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now which is a HUGE blessing because that means that we get more sleep!

We started being a little more relaxed with giving Andrew treats. This was a chocolate strawberry...he really liked it!

Andrew just wants to play with he little sister, unfortunately that creates a problem because Madison cant really play with him yet. He tries to feed her, hold her, give her toys, push or rock her when she is in the car seat or bouncer. He really is sweet to her and she survives :)
Messy boy!

Opening presents on Christmas. We went to Hood River (Grandpa/Grandma Lane) for Christmas eve and Christmas morning. Drew liked the first present in his stocking but didnt want to stop playing with it to open more... he didnt quite get the present thing yet. The next day we spent Christmas with Mike's family and by then Drew was all about opening presents and helped most everyone open theirs! Thank you everyone for spoiling us and our kids on Christmas, it was too much!

Grandma Brenda and miss Madison
Drew is so busy that sometimes the only way to get him to sit on our laps and snuggle is if we bribe him with a snack. He also loves sharing his snack. Uncle Danny had fun with this!

Grandpa Tiland
My (Angela) sister has two kids and they had fun playing together. Eden, the oldest, showed Drew her tricks like how to slide down the stairs. They would also chase each other around the house. Noah (on the right) would try to keep up and play along :)
Uncle Jeff
This may seem like a weird picture to include but it comes with a story... We were waiting for our ride when we arrived in Oregon so Mike and Drew rode the escalator over and over and over. I stayed with Madison and the bags and whenever we came into view Drew would wave and scream "mamma!". It never got old to him!
Before we left Midland to go to Oregon all the Worldview family got together. This is Sarah and Madison and I. Madison is dressed as a little present, cute hu?!!

The second video is of our Christmas at Mike's dad's home. Drew was having fun handing out the presents. The third video is of Drew eating an Oreo, one of his favorite things to eat. He is very meticulous in how he eats it, first the filling, then the cookie.