Friday, July 30, 2010

Doctor Update

We went to get an ultrasound today and we found out that our prayer has been answered, the placenta has moved which means that I now have a "normal" pregnancy. We were told two months ago that I had a complete Placenta Privia, because of that I have been under a lot of physical restrictions in order to protect the more fragile placenta. We were also told that it would not move and that we were going to have to have a Cesarean section. Also, the doctor said that I may have to be on bed rest my whole last trimester. You can just guess why were have been praying for the placenta to move!

The doctor also confirmed that the baby is in fact a girl like we were told early on in the pregnancy. So we are starting to think through some names, which is turning out to be a lot hard than when we were looking through buy names, there are just so many more options!

Drew is doing well, he just cut two more teeth in the upper back part of his mouth on both sides. He seems to only cut teeth in pairs, first came the two front middle teeth, then the two bottom middle teeth and now his new teeth. It just a little weird to me!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PA and videos

In Pennsylvania I met up with a really good friend from college and we went with the Worldview faculty to an awesome ice cream place in Philadelphia. The ice cream was so good and the atmosphere was very special, it was also so good to see you Katie!

These are videos of Andrew and what he is up to these days. The first video is of Andrew in his camp bathtub, he loves to tell us all about it! The second video is of our staff director, Miles, playing a game with Drew at the dining hall. Andrew wouldn't do what he normally does with the camera right there and Miles was trying so hard! Usually Andrew gets really riled up and points his finger right back at Miles laughing and "talking". The last one is of Mike and Drew playing. Drew loves to be upside down, he is a little dare devil!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New York

We went into New York City this past weekend and stayed a couple of blocks away from Times Square. If you know Mike at all you would know that he hates the city and I love the city. So it really worked out well because Mike stayed with Drew in the hotel watching sports to his hearts content and Angela went with the staff to explore the city. On Saturday we all went to the Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera. Mike stayed behind with Drew because he wasn't allowed in the theatre, but Mike's good friend Chad Warren was in the area so he came into the city and the had a good visit. So Mike did what he wanted to in the city, totally avoid it, and I got to do what I wanted as well!

Mike and Drew met up with us for lunch on the town and for pics outside the theatre before the show started.

On Saturday morning we walked to a pastery shop that was just a few blocks away from the hotel, it had the best tasting pastries I have ever tasted! I love going to new places to eat and trying authentic things (Mike had a blueberry muffin...)

Just a cute picture of our cute little boy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Niagara Falls and Camp Update

Sorry I have not posted for a while but our camera broke a couple of weeks ago and I have not had pictures to share. We still do not have a camera (it should come in tomorrow), but some of the staff had some pictures that I wanted to share with you all!

We went to Niagara Fall in NY and took a boat tour so we could see the Canadian side. It was SO COOL!!! We all got to wear these really cool blue ponchos, which was really necessary because it got really wet.

I love this man!

This is the USA side of Niagara falls which was cool, but nothing like the Canadian side which was a huge wall of water in a horse shoe shape. I have never seen anything like it!
The faculty boys

All our staff and faculty in our cool ponchos

The right side of the Canadian side of Niagara falls
Andrew didnt love it when it got really wet...
Angela with the other faculty wives

Camp as been going well, we are in NH right now where the weather is hot but it is beautiful here. Last week we were in western PA and it was wonderfully cool. Only three weeks left and then we head back to Texas. Baby girl Tiland is doing well, getting bigger and harder to lug around all over the country though. I feel her quite a bit now! But all in all we are all fine and healthy!