Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall camp, carving pumpkins, Maddie's birthday

We carved pumpkins honestly just for the photo op! The kids were interested, but they didn't really like putting their hands in the pumpkin. Drew didn't like getting his hands dirty and Maddie really just wanted to try to eat it :)

We went to Glorieta, NM for our fall camp with Worldview Academy. The weather was refreshing, crisp and cool and even provided us with a little snow! And it was gorgeous! The kids got to play in the leaves (Something we have very little of here in Midland) and just enjoy nature.
The Midland Worldview girls playing the the leaves

We had a hard time getting Drew to cooperate with our picture taking, this was the best we got...a very fake smile!

Stud muffin!

These two next pics are of our silly children, Drew was playing peek-a-boo with Madison while she was making a mess eating spaghetti.

Maddie's first birthday party! We just had a few friends (and Mike's mom was in town!) to celebrate our little girl. Isn't she precious?!

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Emily said...

WOW! Maddie has changed so much since July...her hair is so light! And she's so much bigger. Give her a kiss for me!
And the picture of Drew with the WVA hat is fantastic. :)
Miss you guys so much!