Saturday, February 4, 2012

We are still alive!

First, I am so sorry! It has been quite a while since I blogged so the pics below are kinda old and random but I wanted to catch you all up. We dont have any Christmas pics so if any family has any please send them to us!

These pics are from the Worldview Academy faculty retreat that we just went on in January. It was just 5 hours away in San Antonio and it was the first time we left both kids for 4 nights! It was great spending time with friends that we dont usually get to see.

This is our traveling team during the summer

This is our entire Worldview team!

These next pics are capturing the kids in their Christmas outfits. Mike took like a million pictures trying to get a good one and these are the best. It's funny, when you try to get kids to cooperate and take pics when you want them they really dont like too!

These pics are from vacation with our friends the Fairbaughs (November). We were away for a week and had a blast. These are from the little water park in the resort. The kids didnt really like it, Drew eventually warmed up by the end but he was quite scared through most of it. After we had to pretty much push him out of the slide and then catch him before he reached the bottom he liked it and could do it by himself by the end. Maddie took a little nap on Mike on the lazy river, so cute!

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